Advent of Code 2017

Advent of Code 2017 in Kotlin

I talk about Python a lot here but at work we also write quite a bit of Java (with Spring of course). Since it hit 1.0 in 2016, I've been ...
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Flexible conda package dependencies on Cloud Foundry

The official Python Cloud Foundry buildpack has support for conda environments using the environment.yml file. This provides a lot of flexibility for Python (and other) dependencies and helps you to ...
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Python & CF

Bringing a Python Django app to Cloud Foundry in 2017

In this post I want to answer the question: What do you have to do to run a Django web app on Cloud Foundry in 2017? In the past, a ...
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Mapping Dublin parish boundaries

TLDR: Go straight to the Dublin Parish Boundaries map [new URL April 2020]. In Ireland, most primary schools are run by the Catholic Church and the rules for enrolling often ...
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Operationalising Data Science on Cloud Foundry

This talk at the European Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 discusses the state of data science on Cloud Foundry, and outlines different deployment strategies for data science models ...
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Snakes in a Buildpack

This talk at the European Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 describes the work to include Conda as part of the official Python buildpack for Cloud Foundry. With this new buildpack you ...
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Data Science In the Balanced Team

This year I was fortunate enough to speak at PyCon Ireland 2016 in Dublin.  This was a great event with lots of interesting Python based talks and a full PyData track ...
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Towards Cloud Native Data Science

In my talk at ODSC West I wanted to start a conversation about what if any value the idea of Cloud Native Applications has for data science. The video and ...
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ODSC West Day Two

After a great first day, ODSC West started up again on a blustery Sunday morning in the Bay Area. As I needed to prepare for my own talk I didn't ...
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ODSC West Day One

I'm out in San Francisco for the first time in months, to speak at the first Bay Area edition of the Open Data Science Conference. For a relatively new conference ...
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CF Summit Talk on Data Science

A few weeks ago I was able to attend this year's Cloud Foundry Summit, the conference for all things Cloud Foundry in Santa Clara, California. The event was a great ...
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Data Science & XP Explained: Practices

In the previous two posts in this series we have explored the values and principles outlined in Extreme Programming Explained by Kent Beck and Cynthia Anders (XP Explained). In this ...
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Data Science & XP Explained: Principles

The values described in Extreme Programming Explained are the foundation on which principles and practices are built. Last time we started to talk about those values through the lens of ...
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Cloud Foundry for Data Science talk

I'm excited to be giving a talk at the Data Science Lab meetup which has recently started in London. The topic is going to be how to use the open ...
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Data Science & ‘Extreme Programming Explained’

A new event in the Pivotal London office this week was our first lunchtime book club meeting. The first book suggested for discussion was Kent Beck and Cynthia Andres' Extreme ...
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