New London Institute of Cosmology

At a London Cosmology Discussion Meeting last week, representatives of the London cosmology groups discussed ways of increasing collaboration and cooperation between the groups and how to utilize the various skills in London in a more coherent way.

One of the main outcomes of this meeting was a consensus to form a ‘virtual’ institute to act as an umbrella organisation for the collaboration efforts. This London Institute of Cosmology would initially act as a clearing house for event information, especially seminars in the groups, information about research visitors to London, and provide a structure for possible funding applications.

I am happy to say that a preliminary website has now been constructed with information about the groups in London, their seminar programmes and the London Cosmology Discussion Meetings. The address for the site is which hopefully will rise up through the ranks of Google search results soon. There is much work to be done on the site and the institute but hopefully this is a good start and provides a visible link between the research activities of the London groups.



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