Cosmo09 roundup

The Cosmo09 conference took place last week in the picturesque surroundings of CERN with lots of talks, a lot of conversation and not a little French/Swiss beer. Videos of the plenary talks are now available and the slides of every talk (including the parallel sessions) are listed in the conference programme for each session. There are a few personal notes on the sessions in the FriendFeed group.

My talk was on Thursday afternoon in the inflation session. The slides are here in pdf format and embedded below by SlideShare. Bear in mind that the talk was only 12 minutes long, and that I have opted for a minimalist approach so there is very little text per slide!



A physicist by training, I am curious about the world around us, from the smallest to the largest scales. I am now a part of the Pivotal Data Science team and work on interesting data science and predictive analytics projects across a wide range of industries. On Twitter I'm @ianhuston, and on Github I'm ihuston.


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