About Me

A physicist by training, I am curious about the world around us, from the smallest to the largest scales. I now work as a data scientist for Pivotal.

My CV is available in short format as a PDF file: Ian Huston – CV and you can contact me via my LinkedIn profile or email ian@ianhuston.net.

Academic Career

Before becoming a data scientist I completed postdoctoral research in Queen Mary, University of London studying early universe cosmology. My research spanned a range of early universe cosmology topics including brane cosmology and cosmological perturbation theory.

My research publications are listed in the Inspire database and on the arXiv.

The code I created to produce some of these published results is available as the open source Pyflation module.

My PhD thesis, “Constraining Inflationary Scenarios with Braneworld Models and Second Order Cosmological Perturbations”, is available from the arXiv server.

At QMUL I organised the London Relativity and Cosmology Seminar Series, tutored for undergraduate courses in the School of Mathematical Sciences and supervised MSc projects.

I planned a number of national and intra-European research meetings including the first String and Cosmology Student Conference between French and British students and the December 2008 meeting of the UK Cosmo group. I was instrumental in the founding of the London Institute of Cosmology.

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, I have lived in London for the past few years. I enjoy sailing and windsurfing whenever I can.