CF Summit Talk on Data Science

A few weeks ago I was able to attend this year’s Cloud Foundry Summit, the conference for all things Cloud Foundry in Santa Clara, California. The event was a great success with lots of interesting talks from developers, operators and customers of CF, and the organisation of the conference itself was splendid, including one of the best exhibition halls I’ve seen, complete with ping pong tables, arcade games and delicious food.

There have been a few writeups of the event and all the talk videos are now available.

My talk with Alex Kagoshima seemed to be well received, with lots of people interested in how we’ve used our Python & R buildpacks to design a data science workflow on CF. Here is the talk, and the slides are also online:

There were a lot of great talks over the two days, here are some of our favourites:

Diego update by Onsi Fakhouri

Devops, microservices and platforms, oh my! by Andrew Clay Shafer

Cloud Foundry for the Internet of (Really Important) Things by GE Software CTO Harel Kodesh

and of course the final keynote,
I CAN’T LET YOU DO THAT DAVE: why the opposite of “free” is “slave” by Cory Doctorow



A physicist by training, I am curious about the world around us, from the smallest to the largest scales. I am now a part of the Pivotal Data Science team and work on interesting data science and predictive analytics projects across a wide range of industries. On Twitter I'm @ianhuston, and on Github I'm ihuston.


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