Scientists on the march*

Adam and Gráinne get the message out

Adam and Gráinne get the message out

On Saturday many bemused tourists wandering around Westminster were treated to the unusual sight of scientists roaming free from their offices and labs to gather in protest at the government’s planned cuts to research funding.

The rally was organised by Science is Vital who are also organising a petition and lobby of MPs which I talked about last week. There was a great turnout at the rally with some very inventive banners and placards. There are lots of pictures and videos on the web including some heart-felt but perhaps ill-advised singing embedded below.

No more Dr (and Mr) nice guys

No more Dr (and Mr) nice guys!

The rally was a great success but the work has only just begun. The petition is still open and the lobby in the Houses of Parliament will take place tomorrow Tuesday 12th.

Once the broad outline of the cuts is known on the 20th of October I would expect a further bout of activity depending on the severity of the results. Just today the possibility of a second wave of cuts on top of the original amount has come to light.

Well done to all the organisers of the rally and thank you to all the speakers for making the case so forcefully!

Video of singing at the rally by alewc0283

* Well more of a rally really.



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